2013●Nov 伦敦国际调色师培训 ICA Training 03

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所以临时报名参加Advanced Film Mater 。

这两天的操作课在Digital Vision公司内进行。



Digital Vision办公室(地下室是个钮扣店…)






Filmmaster UI









Film master官方网站


Colorist Strategies with Kevin

  • How we perceive and react to color
  • The truth about resolution, bit depth and dynamic range
  • Ways to work with log and linear grades
  • How colorists make an image look great
  • Why primary tools are actually different on every system
  • Which techniques are most effective for secondary grading
  • What you can do to protect image quality
  • How to work faster
  • Ways to use DI workflows
  • How to work with clients


Popular Looks with Kevin

  • What makes a “Look” iconic
  • The difference between a “Look” and a “Style”
  • Cinematic uses of color and contrast
  • How to analyze and reproduce reference looks
  • The best tools for black and white
  • How digital tools can imitate a chemical bleach bypass
  • When to use color washes and color casts
  • Different ways to handle day for night and time of day grades
  • How to manage isolation effects
  • How to have happy accidents!


Advanced Film Mater

  • How to use multiple software versions and join the beta program
  • What new features are in the latest software?
  • Color Tools revisited. A closer look at the toolset and how to get more control
  • Advanced Layers. How to manage layer order, tool order, layer sources, blend modes and opacity.
  • Better Isolation. How to use isolation combinations, work with multiple shapes, get the best from the I-Keyer and take advantage of the matte tools.
  • FX Layers. Discover some hidden gems with sharpen, regrain, clarity and color LUTs
  • How to manage note libraries, composition notes, groups and alternate timelines
  • How to switch to source order, extend handles and tidy up compositions
  • Ways to use versions, multiple tracks and compositing
  • Ways to make dynamic grades, including edit dissolves, auto keyframe, keyframes, point tracking and DVO tracks